Golden Visa programs are popular options for many investors these days. These programs offer exceptional opportunities for its applicants. The residence permit enables visa-free travel within the Schengen Area and this way the investors can increase their global mobility.

The Requirements

The Portuguese government requires a real estate investment of at least 500,000 euros. As the Golden Visa Program are becoming more and more famous, cheaper or more expensive investment alternatives will keep coming up. However, the advantages you will get after having Portugal’s Golden Visa are greater. A foreign investor who renews his Golden Visa in Portugal for 5 years can then apply for a Portuguese citizenship. Thus, investors can benefits from the advantages of Portuguese citizenship and passport. This makes the Portuguese Golden Visa a better option than the other European Golden Visa Programs.

After the Application

After the investor has successfully made the investment and got accepted into the program, the investor first receives a temporary residence permit for 1 year. If the applicant spends at least 7 days in Portugal and maintains the investment, he/she can renew the residence permit for 2 years. In these two years, the investor is expected to spend at least a total of 14 days in Portugal. With the maintenance of the investment, the same process is repeated for a second time. After a total of 5 years, the investor can apply for Portuguese citizenship.

The Most Popular Program

Portugal’s Golden Visa program was the most preferred investment program for three consecutive years. Portugal is also often attract foreign investors in China, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa and Russia. Total investment in the country under the program exceeds 4 million Euros.

Portugal Golden Visa program continues to be one of the most popular programs in the market.

As the international demand in the Portuguse property increase, the interest in the Portugal Golden Visa will continue to grow in 2020. The program especially draws attention because it can actually lead to citizenship. European citizenship can make a lot of difference for high net worth individuals who want to expand their business. Therefore, Portugal Golden Visa is totally worth to analyze.

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