Portugal Golden Visa program is drawing great attention for a couple of years. According to the report of The Global Residence and Citizenship Programs, Portugal Golden Visa Program is world’s best residence by investment program for the third consecutive year. According to the indicators varying from the country’s expected life quality to the easy and quick application process, the program manages to get roughly 8/10 satisfaction rate.

The Program Includes Family Members

As long as the investors are non-EU nationals, Portugal Golden Visa allows them to obtain full Portuguese citizenship. However, they need to be legal residence permit holders, and they have to reside in Portugal for five years. Since 2012, many visa program applicants have been granted with citizenship without any problems or extra requirements.

The Path to Citizenship Is Open

A residential permit gained through Portugal Golden Visa program allows the holder to extend it to include his/her family. In other words, first degree relatives and dependant family members of the holder can move to Portugal as residents without the need of an entrance visa. They may also proceed to citizenship alongside with the first investor after five years of resident status. However, they must stay in Portugal for seven days in the first year, and for fourteen days between the two 2-year renewal periods of the residency permit.

Real Estate Market Is Thriving

Emerging Trends in Real Estate points Lisbon as top target for people who seeks to make a promising investment to the real estate market. The shift moves toward to dynamic and relatively small cities with growing economies. Portugal’s highly growing economy and Lisbon’s active tourism market create opportunities for profitable enterprises.

High Quality of Life with Low Costs

Life is inexpensive in Portugal. Despite its popular beaches, the country enjoys high-quality life standards with reasonable costs. Overblown fees are rare in property, transportation, grocery, education and health care services. EU standars are present in the country for a lower prize.

There Are Many Promising Areas to Invest

Portugal’s geopolitical location is risk-free. Regardless of its seemingly remote position in Europe, it has close ties with the Union. Furthermore, Portuguese-speaking countries like Brazil and Mozambique feeds its trade by creating populous markets. Low crime rates and mild weather throughout the season combined with both natural and historical beauties make the country a perfect address for investments in tourism sector. Also, the country is thriving with business in IT and infrastructure. Only in Lisbon, more than 2500 entrepreneurship companies were established recently, as the government takes strong actions that encourage global entrepreneurs to invest in the city (such as making the Portugal Golden Visa Program more flexible). Lisbon is expected to become a commercial hub, so the real estate market may be very profitable in the future.

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