There are many European countries that exchange residency permits for substantial investments made through their authorized programs which are generally called Golden Visa programs. Portugal also has one of these programs since 2012, and it is very successful and popular among investors. Moreover, it opens up the path to citizenship in a period as short as 5 years. In fact, it is reported that the program has successfully generated its first citizens in 2018, and it continues to help investors.

There are many methods through which investors can obtain a Golden Visa. The most popular option is by far the real estate investment option. However, it does not mean that the real estate investment option is objectively better for every case. One might benefit greatly by business establishment option or investment funds option depending on the specific situation of finance and assets.

Briefly, these are the overall options when applying to the Portugal Golden Visa Program:

  1. Investors may create a business that employs at least ten people in Portugal,
  2. Investors may invest at least 500,000 euros in Portuguese real estate,
  3. Investors may invest at least 350,000 euros in Portuguese real estate that is older than 30 years or located in a designated urban rehabilitation area,
  4. Investors may invest at least 350,000 euros in scientific research institutions,
  5. Investors may invest at least 250,000 euros in national cultural heritage activities,
  6. Investors may transfer at least 1 million euros to Portugal,
  7. Investors may transfer at least 350,000 euros to a company with an office in Portugal and create 5 jobs and sustain for at least 3 years,
  8. Investors may at least 350,000 euros in investment or venture capital funds.

Last option is the particular instance where the advantages of investment funds are located. First and foremost, investment fund option is not subject to taxation, which means the investor does not have to submit any tax returns. It also saves a lot of time especially when compared to the real estate option. It does not require the investor to do an extensive research about the options or through catalogues of properties. It deals with too little paperwork when compared to other options which is a considerable advantage in the case of business people who are often too busy to handle this process without any stress. With its minimum investment requirement of 350,000 euros, investment fund option is one of the cheaper ones. Furthermore, investment fund option promises higher potential returns than all the other options and it is subject to regulations by Portuguese authorities which makes it a safer and more transparent choice.

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