Golden Visa are programs grant residence permits to individuals who invest in another country. With the increase in the number of Golden Visa Programs in European countries, more and more investors are inclined to obtain a European residence permit, and in some cases the process leads towards naturalization. Individuals who obtain Golden Visa can benefit from visa-free travel opportunities. Most programs have minimal residency requirements, and some programs do not have residency requirements at all. Golden Visa attracts the top segment investors and, offer various investment options.

In Europe, Portugal, Spain and Greece are among the most preferred Golden Visa programs. Some programs allow for naturalization after completing a certain time of legal residence. The decision to relocate internationally is itself a huge change. In the process of making this decision, the individuals will go through a long research process and a lot of paper work is waiting for you. Still, if you are not considering a Golden Visa investment yet, you’ll be surprised how many doors a Golden Visa can unlock. We have gathered some of the reasons why obtaining a residence permit in Europe would be one of the best investments you can make.

A Secure Future Investment

Not only you and your family, but also your savings and business are protected by European law. Although each country has a certain level of crime rate, European countries are relatively safe compared to the rest of the world. If you get a residence permit from one of the European countries, no one will guarantee you crime-free life. However, you can depend on the strong laws which protect human rights as well as your economic assets.

High Quality of Job Opportunities

One of the reasons for the increase in immigrants in Europe is definitely the good job opportunities. Thanks to the European Union and similar institutions, it is very easy to travel and trade within Europe, which enables those who obtain a residence permit in Europe to effectively seek jobs in these countries.

Education System at European Standards

European countries are the home to many schools that deliver high quality of education worldwide. If you want to plan a good future for you or your children, the education would not even be a concern. The public universities that provide free education due to many international agreements are open to residents or citizens who hold a residence permit in any European country.

Developments in Health Care

Not only in education but also in health care, Europe is quite advanced compared to many parts of the world. The holders of European residence permit can benefit from health care system just like the citizen. 

As Greek economy recovers itself, the foreign demand in the real estate market continue to rise. Greece Golden Visa is one of the most popular residency by investment programs in the market. The advantages of Greece Golden Visa program will continue to attarct investors in 2020. You can check out the report here.

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