As Portugal recovers economically, its capital Lisbon attracts more and more foreign investors. Portugal Golden Visa program offers residence permit to high net worth individuals who invest in real estate for a minimum of €500.000. Lisbon is the most desired city by the foreign investors. There are many reasons why Lisbon has become so popular in recent years. Its natural beauties combined with its developing economy, turned Portugal into a very influential country. The main reasons for Portugal’s rising reputation can be listed as such: 

1. Location

Lisbon’s geographic position is outstanding when compared to other European cities. Lisbon is close to both United States and Brazil. Also, Portugal maintain its ties with African countries, especially with Angola.

Similarly, Madrid is less than an hour and a half away from Lisbon and plenty of trips are available throughout the day.

2. Climate

In Lisbon, the residents can enjoy the sun around 300 days in a year. In addition, the air never reaches freezing temperatures. 

3. Security

Lisbon is the city with the lowest crime rate among European capitals. 

4. High Quality of Life

Safety and climate are two factors that improve the quality of life. Moreover, Lisbon is a very appealing choice for freedom, human rights and democracy. 

In addition to these rights, being near a seaside at all times, having a nature to throw yourself into and to disappear in are very important factors.

The wealthy people living in the center of Lisbon opted for seaside and relatively quiet places over time and similarly the middle class moved away from the center. This meant that there was room for investors in the center. However, the city center needs a lot of restoration. and some of the works are still ongoing. 

In Lisbon, which is an investment center most investors are foreigners.

5. Job opportunities

Nowadays Lisbon is recognized worldwide for new technologies. This attracts the attention of foreign investors especially and gives them the opportunity to try out their new technologies. Establishing a company here is quite easy. According to the Benchmark Report in 2010, Portugal is the 7th country in the OECD with lowest company creation cost and tax.

6. Modernity

Portugal ranks 10th in the world as a travel node. Of course, this feature is a major factor in making Lisbon the center travelling and thus the center of investment. The new airport is located just 15 minutes away from the center. Lisbon has many such modern instalments to make life easier.

7. Innovation and Technology

In 2011, Lisbon had the best fiber network in Europe. The use of advanced technology is seen in many areas, ranging from energy production to telecommunication. These examples can be found easily with a simple research.

8. Population

Lisbon in general contains wide variety of cultures. We can see that 42% can speak two languages. 23% can speak at least three languages. From the abundance of such examples, we can say that we have a high level of education in Lisbon.

9. Emerging Tourism

For Lisbon, which is already seeing a high demand for tourism, one can comment that it has not yet been fully explored. So this is an indication that it is a candidate to become a tourism capital in the future. Lisbon is a city that has been awarded international awards for a wide variety of reasons. One of these reasons is the activities of the city that are organized with partners abroad.

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