Portugal Golden Visa Program is a residency by investment scheme started in 2012. The program has several investment options. Some of these options are real estate investments. The most popular route is to invest a minimum of 500,000 euros in Portuguese property in exchange for residency. If this investment is made towards a “low-density area” designated by the government, a minimum of 400,000 euros suffices. The program also has a real estate investment option regarding properties in need of rehabilitation and restoration. If the investors choose to apply through this option, the minimum investment requirement is set at 350,000 euros. Similar to the previous case, if the property is in a “low-density area”, the minimum requirement is reduced to 280,000 euros.

280,000 Euro Option of the Program

A sub-category of the real estate investment options of the Portugal Golden Visa Program, 280,000-euro option is the cheapest route in the scheme. The minimum investment requirement for applications in rehabilitation and restoration option is 350,000 euros. A 20 percent reduction is applied to the requirement if the building is also in a “low-density area”.

Low-Density Areas are Gaining Fame

These alternative investment options are used as incentives for investors towards areas in need. Since Lisbon and Porto receive most of the investments, authorities implement alternative routes to boost the income of other areas. These areas include Alentejo, Beja, Viseu, Evora, Faro, Viseu, Leiria, Braga, Aveiro, and many more. The fact that these areas are less crowded makes these locations more attractive every day. Low cost of living and peaceful environment in these places are two other major factors of the improving status of lower-density areas.

280,000 Euro Option Provides Investors with the Same Rights

The fact that this option is considerably cheaper than other options does not mean that it gives fewer rights to its applicants. 280,000-euro option of the Portugal Golden Visa Program endows investors with all the rights provided by other routes. Investors using this option can still become Portuguese citizens who provided successful compliance with all regulations.

Growth Rates of Portuguese Real Estate is Impressive

Considering Portugal’s strong performance in real estate, investing in Portuguese property makes perfect sense. More central areas like Lisbon and Porto indeed provide higher returns, but it does not mean that they are always the better choice. First of all, the initial prices of property in these areas are more expensive than low-density areas. With the 280,000-euro option and extensive research about property options, it is possible to make highly profitable investments.

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